Friday, February 25, 2005

I Will/I Will Not

I will write to make myself happy
I will not be a slave to insecurity
I will be happy
I will be responsible
I will make art a part of my life
I will become a great writer
I will be happy where I am
I will not lose sight of my goals
I will not settle
I will not lose
I will remember my blessings
I will make apologies when I am wrong
I will not make apologies for who I am
Friday Things

1. I just spilled an entire bowl of chicken noodle soup on my lap! Yay! And now not only do I look like I peed myself, but have a weird, chickeny smell.

2. I made a date to see my ex-boyfriend next week. I'm engaging in what I like to call voluntary stupidity. I know he's bad for me and I know nothing good can come from it - but I'm doing it anyway. Bleh. It's weird because I think he's taken on this big, added significance because of the ways things ended between us. When I first met him, I wasn't even interested and he's shown me over and over what a bad person he is. I called him yesterday and I was shaking and sweating the entire phone call. I don't think I know what role I want him to play in my life. I've tried to go on like I never even met him over and over but he just comes right the hell back. Yuck.

3.Conversly, I had a sweet, positive interaction with a guy who was genuinely nice for the sake of being nice yesterday. This guy on my job saw me struggling to get snow and ice off my car and came to my rescue! Not only did he make sure my car was snow-free all over (including headlights), but he sprayed my wipers and front and back windshield with de-icer. Yay! It left me with warm fuzzies and hope that there are indeed some good ones left.

4.Wooooo! There will be much shaking of ass and drinking of alchohol tonight. My girl's birthday was yesterday and we will be celebrating at Dream in D.C. Wooooo!

5.Link o' the day: I think I might have my first internet crush, ya'll*. Don't tell anybody though.

*I love how I write like I'm speaking to a great multitude of people. Is anybody out there?

6.That's it, that's all. Happy weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


The thing about working at a journalistic outlet* located in an area that is neither especially hot or especially cold is that when the weather gets anywhere near either extreme the powers that be FREAK THE FUCK OUT.

So I've been busy all day updating news about maybe 2 inches of snow that's not even sticking in most places ("Roads are fine but it sure is cold! Back to you!).

*Despite the fact that I'm almost positive no one is reading this, I'm still iffy about talking about my job.


Here's something for you to look at while I'm gone.
I love The Manolo.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Don't tell anybody...but I kinda want to see this this movie.
Here's something you never knew about me: Apparently, I'm not happy unless I'm neurotic.

Not 24 hours after starting this blog, I'm already stressing myself about what to write. The good thing is that I'm kinda by myself in this little corner of the internet - so I can't embarrass myself too much.

But I read so many well-writen, insightful and funny blogs every day (job? what job?)that it's hard not to compare.

My goal, then, is to find my own voice and do my own thing. I've been writing for work for a while now, and I've been told I'm not too bad at it. Now I'd like to see just how far I can go writing for fun.

In other news...
I haven't yet discovered how to set up a blogroll thingy and I'm not even sure if anyone else is reading...but I thought it would be cool to link to other writers I really enjoy.

This here chick's crazy

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Now that I have this blog, I'm not quite sure what to do with it. It's kind of my attempt at writing every day (even though I kinda do write every day).

So I figured I'd try that 101 facts about me that everyone else does at some time or another.

Here we go...

1.I work in journalism
2.It's not that fun
3.But people are usually impressed by that
4.Which is cool
5.I don't have a boyfreind
7.I just recently moved outa my momma's house
9.I am just realizing how daunting this list is
10.Maybe I won't do it all today
11.I'm an excellent procrastinator
12.I have a younger brother
13.I may or may not have a niece
14.We haven't been able to do a blood test
15.I'm funny sometimes
16.I love to read
17.I love art
18.I am both random and specific in my desires
19.I'm 24
20.I'm a libra
21.I read very quickly
22.I used to write poetry
23.I thought this site was gonna be 'theMe'...then it came out 'theme' which i liked also. I'm deep like that
24.I have really good friends
23.I have two best friends
24.I know that i am blessed
25.I was a journalism major in college
26.I went to school in Maryland
27.Until recently, I've had the same address and phone number for my entire life
28.I love my parents fiercely - but rarely tell them
29.I miss the relationship I used to have with my brother
30.I get addicted to blogs that make me laugh out loud
31.I hope this blog doesn't suck
32.I fear this list is getting boring
33.My favorite movie is "The Color Purple"
34.My favorite books is "Their Eyes Were Watching God"
35.I don't have a favorite color - but I'm drawn to different colors at different times
36.My grades in college weren't that spectacular
37.I find comfort in "The Golden Girls" and have seen every episode
37.5.My roomate has met the chick who played Blanche
38.I suck at math
39.No, really, I suck at math
40. My momma got married when she was 37, had me when she was 38, and had my brother when she was 40
41.I have had my heart completely shattered
42.I have seen a psychiatrist
43.Numbers 41 and 42 are indeed related
44.There is one thing I don't think I'll ever tell my parents
45.No, I won't tell you either
46.Jay-Z makes me feel gangsta
47.Britney makes me feel like a kinda sexy (but don't tell anyone)
48.Good music makes me feel
49.Oprah is my hero
50.I am a fan of drinks involving both hennessy and hypnotic and will testify on their behalf
51.Old people and monkeys are always funny
52.I want to learn Italian
53.I'd like to visit France again
54.I love to be by myself
55.I want to one day produce documentaries
56.I wish I had more money
57.I wish I wanted less stuff
58.I wish I read the bible more
59.I wish Oprah would hire me
60.I have unwittingly become an internet nerd
61.I miss having crushes
62.I will give anybody my number after a few drinks
63.Calling me skinny will quickly get you on my bad side
64.I'd like to write here at least 5 times a week
65.I hate to break the rules
66.I'm not good at manipulation
67.I am a good liar
68.I'm not good at being mean - even if they deserve it
69.I want to travel more
70.The three times I've been to New York City have all been for just a few hours
71.My father may be the only good man I know
72.That depresses me
73.Most men I meet end up disappointing me
74.I don't know if that's my fault or theirs
75.I can't imagine being anyone's mother
76.I'd like to one day be someone's wife
77.But not any time soon
78.I worry about my career decisions a lot
79.I'd like to be successful at a fairly young age
80.When they first meet me, people usually think I'm quiet
81.This always surprizes me
82.I think I keep the best parts of my personality hidden from most people
83.I fear rejection
84.I want to conquer that fear
85.I can cook a lil somethin
86.I'm kind of lazy
87.I want to conquer that, too
88.I both hope and dread someone reading this
89.I haven't told anyone I know that I have this blog
90.I wonder if they'll figure it out
91.I hope not.
92.I hope I don't get Dooced
93.Strange people are drawn to me
94.I'm attracted to strange people
95.I'm strange myself
96.I feel weird about cursing on here
98.Even though I curse quite a bit in real life
99.I think I should end this on something positive or profound
101.Yeah, I got nothin'


Hi there.
I've been eyeing this blogging thing for a while now.
I'm finally biting the bullet and trying it out for myself.
Let's see what happens, shall we?